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1. What type of Web site would you like to have?
informative online store
business-oriented entertaining
catalogue of goods and services family-style
What is its subject matter?
2. What services would you like to offer on your Web site, if any (credit card processing, merchandise inventory, shopping cart system, etc.)?
Do you currently have a Web site? What is its URL address? 
3. Has your company registered its logo? Where can we see it? Do you prefer to use an unregistered logo and want to keep it? Would you like us to design a logo for you?
4. What content would you like to be displayed on your Web site? Please, send us any material that you would like to appear:
Printing material (texts, photos, brochures, price lists, etc.)
Digital (digitally-stored) information (documents, pictures, etc.)
Audio, video material
5. How many pages do you think your Web site should contain? What are their possible headings?
6. Do you have any suggestions with regard to your Web site's possible design? Any color schemes, concepts, solutions, preferences?
7. Would you like to display some Flash presentation (animation) on your Web site?
8. Would you prefer to use our hosting services when the Web site is up and running? Remember, using our hosting will be more effective and reliable, because we would know your Web site better than anyone else!
9. When would you like to see your order completed?
10. Your additional comments and suggestions are always welcome

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